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The Only Dust-jackets Officially Authorized by Edgar Rice Burroughs, Inc.

Here are all the dust jackets for the EDGAR RICE BURROUGHS, INC. editions produced from 1931 to 1948. I've put them all in one place to make them easier to find. They're arranged by series (except for the Venus series which has its own page) and I hope to get at least 4 of them done each year. I know that you wish I'd just get them all done at once—I wish I could—but since they take me 30 to 40 hours each, that's just not a possibity.

These covers are all made from scans of the actual, original art, not from the printed dust-jackets. The detail is superior to any other reproductions on the market and 200% better than the original jackets. Close-up comparisons can be seen by clicking on each cover below.

FOR COLLECTORS: THE ERB, Inc. First Edition Dust-Jacket Survey.

BECAUSE OF THE CONFUSION often surrounding the priority of states of dust-jackets for the ERB, Inc. First Editions, and inspired by Patrick Ewing's dust-jacket page at, I initiated a survey of collectors to see if we could identify a pattern among the jackets as to what kinds of coatings were used by them over the years. These coatings determine priority and distinquish them from later reprints. If you collect or sell the ERB, Inc. first editions, you'll be interested in this booklet. Our findings revealed some information that has not been widely known previously. Letters and invoices shared by the late Danton Burroughs with Robert Barrett confirmed some dates and products which had been known about but not fully investigated. The entire survey and list of jackets from 1931 to 1948 is now available for only $10.00. Read more here...


Tarzan the Invincible

Tarzan the Invincible: 1931.
Cover by Studley O. Burroughs.

Tarzan Triumphant

Tarzan Triumphant: 1932.
Cover by Studley O. Burroughs.


Swords of Mars

Swords of Mars: 1936. Cover by J. Allen St. John.


Jungle Girl

Jungle Girl: 1932.
Cover by Studley O. Burroughs.

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