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WHY SHOULDN'T RECOVERINGS DUST-JACKETS BE CALLED “WORKS OF ART”? Every jacket is carefully reconstructed from revitalized elements and assembled layer by layer to create — not just a reproduction — but a completely restored presentation of the artwork, lettering and typography. These are new works in themselves. Not simply cleaned up scans of the letterpress original. Recoverings dust-jackets give the originals new life while respecting the quality and palette of the cover illustrations — finally seen in their full glory and context.

My clients agree:

The Tarzan of the Apes is a work of art. When I hold the book in my hands I am aware of what the first editions looked like in the book stores of the early 20th century. In looking at a G&D jacket for Return of Tarzan, there is no comparison to the McClurg Dust Jacket and what you produced. Correction of Tarzan's face is important, but so is the recognition that there were so many more details that are now visible. The Venus series dust jackets are also great. I was fortunate enough to have purchased Escape on Venus new from ERB, Inc. In comparing the dust jackets there is so much more detail in your version — thanks to your efforts.
—J. Malachowski, Florida

Your dust-jackets arrived safely from the Rocky Mountains and they lay on my table. I am old-fashioned amazed about modern times. It is said a thousand times to you but again: how very beautiful and I am most happy with them. Especially when I know all the trouble it takes to make these pieces of art. And I wonder why they are so cheap? I can imagine that you do not sell them in the thousands and have to make them not too expensive to have customers. Still $25 is not much.
—N. Hellendoorn, Amsterdam, Netherlands

I received the two new jackets today. Thanks very much, they are both stunning to look at, especially the Tarzan of the Apes signature jacket which is a work of art. Once again, thanks for the fantastic work you have done in restoring these jackets.
  Now I've got all the McClurg and Metropolitan jackets to go with the books and they all look incredible. I love looking at them. A long held desire, from childhood right up to the present — to see these books as they originally looked — has finally been fulfilled. I'm really grateful to you for making these jackets available.
—S. Mould, Dartford, Kent, UK.


2015 SAW THE FIRST of the Tarzan, Mars and Non-series dust-jackets finalized and available here. All use scans of the original cover paintings, reworked images of the book art used on the back covers and flaps and completely restored versions of the spine art.

In 2016 I have set a goal of producing seven of the ERB, Inc. jackets: TARZAN AND THE CITY OF GOLD, TARZAN AND THE LION MAN, TARZAN AND THE LEOPARD MEN, SYNTHETIC MEN OF MARS, APACHE DEVIL, OAKDALE AFFAIR & THE RIDER, and THE LAD AND THE LION — plus, a special edition Canaveral Press jacket.

I'm entering the final stretch of this project. Much will depend on the kinds of source material I can access and how much restoration work is required to get the art up to my standards. I appreciate your continued support and encouragement. Remember that each copy of every Recoverings dust-jacket is individually printed to your order, and there will only ever be as many of these as there are orders.


BECAUSE OF THE CONFUSION often surrounding the priority of states of dust-jackets for the ERB, Inc. First Editions, and inspired by Patrick Ewing's dust-jacket page at, I initiated a survey of collectors to see if we could identify a pattern among the jackets as to what kinds of coatings were used by them over the years. Our findings revealed some information that has not been widely known previously. Letters and invoices shared by the late Danton Burroughs with Robert Barrett confirmed some dates and products which had been known about but not fully investigated. The entire survey and list of jackets from 1931 to 1948 is now available for only $10.00. Read more here...