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Return of Tarzan Centenary Frontispiece

"The Return of Tarzan" CENTENARY ALL OF 2015.

MARCH 2015 MARKS 100 YEARS since the first hardcover edition publication of The Return of Tarzan by A.C. McClurg & Co, Chicago. This was the second hardcover book published for Edgar Rice Burroughs though he had been writing for magazines for three years and Tarzan was a nation-wide phenomenon. In order to celebrate this event, only natural since RECOVERINGS provides dust-jackets for first editions, I've got two specials going on:

A Full-color N.C. Wyeth Frontispiece

FIRST, WITH EVERY Return of Tarzan dust-jacket sold until March of next year I'm including a full-color reproduction of the N.C. Wyeth illustration that appeared on the cover of New Story Magazine for June, 1913 containing the first part of the serialization of the book. This is the first of only two paintings that Wyeth, already well-known for his illustrations in the Scribners Illustrated Classics edition of Treasure Island (1911) did for an Edgar Rice Burroughs book. This illustration is restored from a direct scan of the magazine cover and sized and captioned to fit opposite the title page in your first edition book, or it can be framed for your desk or wall.

THE RETURN OF TARZAN Dust-jacket Return Rebate

SECOND, FOR EVERYONE who ordered The Return of Tarzan dust-jacket in the past, I'm offering a rebate in the way of a 38% reduction in price on a newly restored jacket. As explained elsewhere on the site, due to the recent acquisition by Edgar Rice Burroughs, Inc. of an almost mint original A.C. McClurg dust-jacket for Return, and through my extensive research into the cover art, the re-worked jacket I'm offering now has been checked over, confirmed and authorized by the president and the archivist of ERB, inc. For the first time ever, this jacket is an authentic reproduction of the rarest Burroughs dust-jacket of them all.

In order to get the discounted authorized dust-jacket you must send me back the jacket you now have. Just take it off the book, put it in a sizable envelope — 6x9 or 9x12 —  and mail it to me. Send me an email through the Contact Form on this site to get my mailing address. Include a check for $22.00 (a 38% discount!) — that price includes the postage. I will send you a brand new dust jacket and full-color frontispiece. Simple. Once you see this restoration I know you'll be pleased and excited to have it.

Go to the Tarzan Series page to buy now.


BESIDES FINALIZING THE RETURN OF TARZAN JACKET, I'm about half-way through finishing four more ERB, Inc. reproductions. On my desk right now are restorations of TARZAN THE INVINCIBLE, TARZAN TRIUMPHANT, SWORDS OF MARS and JUNGLE GIRL. All of these jackets will use scans of the original cover art — not cleaned up from reproductions — restored to beautiful sharpness and glowing color. Watch for them in the coming months.


BECAUSE OF MY WORK ON THE NEW LIMITED PUBLISHER'S EDITION of Back to the Stone Age from ERB, Inc. and Jim Gerlach, I'm going to be offering the beautiful 20 x 16 inch map of Pellucidar that was used as the endpapers of this stunning edition. I'll also probably be taking orders for the large giclée print of Tom Grindberg's frontispiece to the book. Look for them on the Art Prints page. If nothing else I'll keep this link to it all for those who are interested:


BECAUSE OF THE CONFUSION often surrounding the priority of states of dust-jackets for the ERB, Inc. First Editions, and inspired by Patrick Ewing's dust-jacket page at, I initiated a survey of collectors to see if we could identify a pattern among the jackets as to what kinds of coatings were used by them over the years. Our findings revealed some information that has not been widely known previously. Letters and invoices shared by the late Danton Burroughs with Robert Barrett confirmed some dates and products which had been known about but not fully investigated. The entire survey and list of jackets from 1931 to 1948 is now available for only $10.00. Read more here...